The handle separator is used to separate the stems on the “Lolly sample” in the steelworks. In this way, the sample can then be fed to further analysis.

•The sample is inserted into the slot at the front or top so that the stem points inwards.

•The precise processing ensures safe operation.

•To start the separation process, the two buttons on the outside or optionally a foot switch are operated.

•This causes the separating wedge to lower and the handle to be shaved off.

•The stem falls into an easy-to-open drawer, where it can then be removed.

•In addition to safe operation, the machine also has an emergency switch and two signal lamps.

•The control panel can be used to take an overview of the process and intervention on it, such as force and stroke. This is Optional Available.

Weight: 130kg

Weight with packaging: 260kg

Control voltage: 24V DC

Voltage: 3x400V 50Hz

Color: RAL 5005

Label: German

Guide: 1x CD 1x German

Pressure generation: Hydraulic

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