The sampler with chamber is suitable for sampling dry, flowable, powdery to granular products up to a maximum grain size of 5mm.

Product examples: coarse salt, lime powder, cement powder, fertilizer pellets and similar products.

The chamber sampler is not suitable for glass beads, sliding sand, corundum and similar products as well as products prone to adhesion such as titanium dioxide.

The sampler with chamber takes a defined single sample volume up to approx. 40 ml per single sample cycle. The volume is determined by the milled chamber size. The installation is carried out on downpipes, drop shafts and handovers of belts and screw conveyors.

Furthermore, the use in containers and silos with highly fluidized materials (e. B. cement) is possible due to the sealing and the scraper.

A decisive advantage of the sampler with chamber is that it is only in the product stream during the active sampling of the pistons.

The sampler with chamber is available from Stroke 150 mm to max. stroke 350 mm. (increase in increments of 50 mm) With a maximum stroke of 350 mm, it is possible to take a sample from the center of the downpipe from downpipes DN500.


The sample piston is pushed downwards with the sample chamber by means of two synchronously running compressed air cylinders into the product stream.

In the front end position, the piston is rotated pneumatically by 180° and the sample chamber is filled.

Subsequently, the sample piston is pulled back into the rear end position and by a further 180° rotation the sample chamber is emptied by gravitational force.

At the sample outlet can be mounted optionally:

  • Container connections for sample collection containers 1, 2, 3.5, 5, 6 or 10 litres capacity
  • flange connection
  • connection for a hose


Structure and materials used:

Basic structure: Aluminium profile and stainless face plates(1.4301 standard)

Sample flask: Stainless steel (1.4305 standard)

Bearing housing and sample outlet: Stainless steel (1.4305 standard)

Plain bearing material: Polyamide

Rotating mechanism: Stainless steel (1.4305 standard) and polyacetal

Enclosure sheets: Stainless steel (1.4301 standard)

Pneumatic drives, couplings, hoses and magnetic field sensors – Fab. Festo

  • In the chamber sampler itself, the valves are not installed for control.
  • It has the pneumatic connections on the rear panel for the valve sever-outs.
  • Optionally, a control cabinet with installed valves or an open valve plate can be supplied.
  • The arrangement of the valves shall be chosen near the samplers in order to prevent air buffering in the hoses. (max. distance with given hose diameter 5m)
  • On request, an electrical control is supplied.

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