Quality Control Systems

Ensure raw materials for generation to come

AROUND THE GLOBE, QCS develops state-of-the art equipment and automation solutions for the quality control of raw, basic and reprocessing materials – all from a single source:

  • From sampling through sample transport to sample preparation and analysis.
  • From hardware to automation technology to robot programming and analysis software.
  • From standard systems to highly customized laboratory concepts
  • From manual product solutions to fully automated processes


We do not just scratch the surface, but meet challenges with curiosity and use our strengths to find your individual solutions.


We strive for partnership connections and see you and our stakeholders as close partners in our cause to achieve progress together.


We translate complexity into tangible forms to enable dynamism in your implementation.


As a family-owned company we feel particularly committed to you and our values.


With innovative spirit we create a contribution to the sustainable use of resources to ensure them for generation to come.



From fully automated sampling…

to fully automated sample preparation and pre-analysis within Container Laboratory… 

through automated sample tube transport… 

to fully automated QC-Laboratory.


With our products we cover the complete spectrum of sample preparation in the raw material industry. Numerous options are available for all products in order to optimally adapt the machines to customer requirements.

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