Our hammer mill type HM4530 is used for grinding rock samples (Mohs- Hardness 4) developed in sample preparation plants up to a maximum grain size of 80 mm. Due to the compact design, the integrated ejecting funnel with connection flange, and the side-removable impact grate, our hammer mill type HM4530 can be accommodated even in small space conditions. The opening of the upper casing of the hammer mill type HM4530 is locked over a safety switch with self-locking, which is coupled in connection with a rotary detector. Included in the scope of delivery is a trapezoidal thread spindle, which guarantees the safe opening and closing of the upper housing at any opening angle after easy installation, the safe opening, and closing of the upper housing. When the upper casing is completely open to the stop, a safety bolt is inserted and the trapezoidal thread spindle is dismantled. The trapezoidal thread spindle is reassembled to close the upper casing.



The material, which is abandoned from above on the side of the rotor, is pulled into the mill by the rapidly rotating impact hammers and crushed inside by impact, shear, and impact effect. Through the 24 pieces of rotating impact hammers, the feed material in the grinding chamber of the mill is hurled against the impact plates until the required final fineness of the inserted slit grate is reached. The feed material that has reached the final fineness leaves the grinding chamber of the mill through the gap rust.



  • Massive basic housing as MAG welded construction with already integrated pre-hopper incl. connection flange for outlet hopper sands via M10 threaded holes.
  • The basic housing is used to accommodate the pendulum ball bearings of the rotor shaft, the three-phase drive motor, the side-removable slit grate, the locked safety switch and the pivoting mounting of the trapezoidal thread spindle for opening and closing the upper housing.
  • The basic housing is completely lined with 15 mm hard steel plates in the area of the grinding room.
  • The upper housing, which can be folded up by 95 angle degrees, is lined with 15 mm thick hard steel plates in the grinding room on both sides of the bearing and on the material supply side.
  • The 5 pieces in a row are impact strips in the upper housing have a total thickness of 30 mm hard steel.
  • The entire hard steel lining can be changed via screw connections. The side-removable slit rust frame is a welded construction made of hard steel.
  • The easy-to-use gap rods are equally made of hard steel.
  • The rotor shaft with its 4 pieces of hammer shafts is equipped with a total of 24 hammers made of hard steel.
  • The impact hammers can be used from 4 sides.
  • The transmission from the drive motor to the rotor shaft is carried out via a 3-rill-rill-gact.
  • The belt tension is carried out via a central trapezoidal thread spindle on the drive motor.
  • Opposite the belt wheel of the rotor shaft sits a flywheel, which serves to compensate for higher loads.
  • The flywheel as well as the belt drive are securely enclosed by stainless protective enclosures.


Technical data three-phase motor:

Voltage: 400V

Frequency: 50Hz

Performance: 5,5 kW

The throughput performance of the hammer mill depends on the type and grain size of the task product as well as the desired final fineness.

Example: Product: Branntkalk, Grain: 0 – 80 mm, Gap Rust: 3 mm = ca. 850 kg/Hours throughput

Example: Product: Raw stone, Grain: 16 – 65 mm, Gap Rust: 3 mm = ca. 600 kg/Hours throughput

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