The rotary tube divider type PTNW200-S is a rotary tube sample divider that is used for the representative sampling of precious metal-containing catalyst scrap. When sampling these products, very high demands are placed on the point of representativeness, since the raw material price depends on the sample obtained.

The rotary tube divider type PTNW200-S was specially developed and built according to the wishes of our customer. In addition to an enlarged area of the partial ratio, it also has a very generously dimensioned inspection and cleaning opening, a rotary guard for the partial tube, a holder for the barrel level guard, a nozzle for connecting the dust removal line and 2 shots for pneumatic vibrators on the lower cone.

The sample material is fed to the sample divider by an opening of 200 mm and evenly distributed in the subcone by a rotating rectangular sub-tube. At the lower cone is the sample outlet on which the sample quantity can be adjusted via a infinitely adjustable slider. Depending on the grain size, a partial ratio of approx. 1: 10 to approx. 1: 170 is adjustable. (see partial ratio tables below) The material task on the rotary tube divider must be carried out evenly in order to obtain an exact partial result. Dosing gutters or vibrating conveyors are ideal for uniform loading.

  • The subtube is driven by a geared motor by V-belt transmission at a constant fixed speed.
  • Below the drive housing is the cylindrical upper casing with the inspection hatch, which allows the view of the sub-tube and the subcone.
  • The rectangular partial tube is designed upwards with an opening so that any baking can be detected and removed quickly when the inspection door is open.
  • At the lower cone is the sample outlet at the height of the sub-circuit, the inlet of which can be adjusted via an infinitely adjustable slider.
  • The storage of the sub-tube is protected from contamination by several sealing systems.

Technical Data Standard:

Drive: Spur gear motor Manufacturer Danfoss

Material: Stainless steel, W. No.: 1.4301 + 1.4305 (V2A)

Voltage: 400 V

Performance: 0,12 kW



Below you can see the calculation of the partial ratio in relation to the set slot width as well as the table with key values of the individual dividers.

When adjusting the slot width, the following must be observed:

Ø„The minimum slot width should always be 2.5 – 3 times the maximum grain of maximum possible, but never less than 10mm “ 

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