Combustion analysis starts where normal OES analysis can no longer deliver reliable results. The analysis is supplied either directly with material from the automation or manually by generating chips or samples of butts. After the material has been filled into the samples crucibles, they are weighed and mixed with tungsten. These are now fed to the analysis by means of a robot. The finished samples are then discarded and collected in a container. The incorrectly weighed samples also end up in a separate container. The built-in suction ensures that dusts and gases occur are extracted. The system can be supplied with an additional oven for pre-glow of the crucibles. The system is designed in such a way that a robot can operate two analysis devices and thus no waiting time can occur at load. The samples of cups can be refilled in the cup magazine for combustion without having to stop the system. The magazine is chosen so large that it is sufficient to provide all the crucibles for one layer. It is also possible to manually insert material samples from the outside via a “drawer” which are then processed. The control panel on the machine creates overview and possibilities for direct input. For all functions, integration into the LIMS is also possible and recommended.

Dimensions plant Total:

With pedestal height: 2015mm

Without pedestal height: 1115mm

Length: 2833mm

Width : 2000mm

Weight with pedestal: 1300 kg

Weight without pedestal: 1000 kg



Electrical connections: 200 – 600V 50/60Hz 0.4Kw

Weight: 98 kg

Payload on the arm: 6 + 1kg

Operating temperature: +5°C to 45°C

Noise level: max. 70db (A)

Compressed air: max. 8bar

Dimensions: 400×450 mm


Technical data:

Control voltage: 24V

Compressed air: 6bar


Eltra CS Analysis:

Weight: 150kg

Electrical connections: 230V 50/60Hz, max. 15A, 3450 W

Compressed air: max. 4bar

520x840x750 mm



Electrical connections: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A

Operating temperature: 0 – 45°C

Weight: 4.9kg

Dimensions: 353x214x318mm

Weighing range: up to 120g



Electrical connections: 400V 50Hz

Power: 3kW

Dimensions: 850x740x643mm

Filter area: 0.7m2

Collecting container can be tilted: 50l

Air volume: 360m3 /h

Noise level: 77 dB (A) Weight: 82kg


Crucible Magazine:

Dimensions: 400x400x380mm

Electrical connections: 24V Weight: 90kg

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